The Qualities of an Effective and Qualified Functional Medicine Dr

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With an increasing number of patients opting for more natural and holistic health care options, the fame of functional medicine providers is increasing. Their preventive, non-invasive, and capability to enhance patients’ overall well-being and health, are greatly valued. The goal of functional healthcare is not just to lessen physical discomfort, but also to improve the overall quality of the life by decreasing systematic health concerns affecting the central and muscular nervous system and body physiology.

Diabetes Specialist
When Should You Seek a Diabetes Specialist?

People who aren’t planning to have a surgical process are not big fans of taking regular medication and rather seek a natural approach. With the majority of natural healthcare providers in the industry today, not all are competent to do the job. Dr. Jonathan Spages is one of those certified and effective physicians who conduct functional medicine care to his patients. Dr. Jonathan Spages works in Functional Medicine and is skilled enough at working with the root of biochemical, physiological, and hormonal imbalances linked with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism, and other chronic illnesses. He is aware that millions of Americans are affected by diabetes; however, most diabetics are not aware that getting assistance from him can be advantageous. While diet and supplements replaces insulin and some medications to improve glucose control, he does provide treatment, which helps to balance the complete diabetic patient. This denotes that Dr. Spages purpose is that any discomfort a patient has are always under control, and he helps in eliminating the stress to help the body completely heal. He also makes use of conventional methods to help in better blood sugar control.

How Can Dr. Jonathan Spages Help You with your Diabetes

The very first thing Dr. Spage has to do is to evaluate you and your health. He will ask some questions about your current situation, and the problems you may have, and your blood sugar control. You must also bring along with your blood sugar levels and your recent A1c test results. This will help him identify the best course of treatment. Further, Dr. Spages can conduct testing as a method to help discover your cause of diabetes. The digestive system is where your pancreas is and it is responsible for the production of insulin. This body system receives its signals from your central nervous system. The objective is to enhance central nervous system communication into the digestive system to enhance overall blood sugar control. A adjustment can enhance the overall health and function of your nervous system so it can appropriately interact with the digestive system. Dr. Jonathan Spages can also assist you with your nutritional component of living with the illness. It’s crucial that you monitor carbohydrates and sugars in your diet. Remember that he can help you to make the perfect and right food choices to better glucose control. Diabetes is normally a lifelong illness, and it can come with several of potentially serious complications if you don’t manage it properly. Dr. Jonathan Spages knows how diabetes affects your body, and he can offer the care to guide you have a higher quality of life.


To improve diabetes sugar readings seek a functional medicine doctor who addresses the root cause of your health problems.

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  1. Samantha says:

    Dr. Jonathan Spages knows how type 2 diabetes affects your body, and he can offer the care to guide you to have a higher quality of life.

  2. Lakesha says:

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    This is an amazing knowledge for all of us Dr. Jonathan Spages, glad you share this. You know diabetes has been one of the most common problems nowadays. Thank you!

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