Why do type 2 diabetics struggle with weight?

Why do type 2 diabetics struggle with weight?

Have you ever wondered why type two diabetics just have a hard time losing weight? I mean, this is what every diabetic is told, right? Go and make sure you take your medication, make sure you lose some weight, maybe exercise, change your diet. Yet when you try those things, you still struggle. It’s still hard to do.

You’re not really getting great results, right? Especially for the amount of effort you’re putting in. You’re trying to put a lot of effort in. It’s just not really going anywhere. I’m going to show you exactly why that happens.

There are actually real reasons why you’re having a hard time losing weight. And many type two diabetics have a hard time losing weight. And if you understand this, it makes things go a lot easier. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you why type two diabetics struggle with weight and also what to do about it. There’s a couple of key things that if you do this, you will probably see, like thousands of my patients, phenomenal results.

All right? So let’s jump right in.

So what we’re going to go over is why type two diabetics struggle with weight. All right? The first thing is, well, what is weight gain? Well, actually, it’s actually a little secret, right? Weight gain is actually a symptom.

So when you look at the diabetic, well, what is having too much weight? It’s a symptom that something is wrong in the body. Just like sugar. If sugar is high and you have blood sugar levels high, well, then guess what? That means that there is something wrong.

The metabolism is broken. The body is telling you, hey, wait a second. You need to change your diet or you need to be really figuring out why you’re gaining the weight. So let’s keep looking here. Where are some interesting creatures?

For sure. Let’s look at it this way. What animals naturally are overweight, right? So if we look here at a hippo, a hippo typically is just an animal that tends to have a lot of extra weight. You don’t usually see thin hippos in nature.

In the same way. When we actually feed an animal, it usually ends up becoming overweight. So when we look at how nature is and how we’re designed to be, we notice that anytime we feed ourselves or we feed the animal, they get overweight. So we look down here at this dog. The dog is overweight.

Why? Because a human was involved. Because we have given them our jump food or we’ve given them our food, and thus they are now overweight. So when it comes to looking at nature naturally, we should just be in really good shape, right? We should naturally not be overweight.

So let’s look at another example here. We look at these two cats. Well, one cat is in the wild, and even when it’s at a zoo, if you go to a zoo, they usually feed the animals the way they would have. It indigenous to where they live, right? They’re not going to give it junk food per se.

So anyway, we look at this cat is in good shape, able to survive. We look at this cat, pretty happy, but nevertheless overweight. And do you know why they’re overweight? A human was involved. The human started feeding this cat and thus it’s overweight.

So anyway, let’s keep going here. So what really could be at the root of it? So I mentioned to you a moment ago that, well, weight and blood sugar levels are definitely symptoms. Yeah. But what’s at the core of it, right?

Like, what does this even mean? So we look at a bigger picture and we look at all of these things that could be a factor. All right, so let’s look here. We look at the fact that a person could have sugar, they could struggle with weight, they could also have low energy. Well, that’s the top of the iceberg, right?

The top of the iceberg is kind of what you’re aware of. You’re aware that you have some weight struggles. You’re aware that your sugar is an issue. Maybe your energy is not where it should be. And the way our world works is that everybody’s kind of going after the symptoms, right?

They’re going after the top of the iceberg. And let me try to lower my blood sugar by doing this. Let me try to lose weight by going to the gym and doing these things. But what I’ve found doing functional medicine for over 20 years is there’s something underneath it. There’s something underneath it driving this weight issue.

Now, we could sit here and say it’s diet, but think about this. Do we all know someone who’s overweight, but they eat good? Yeah. Do we also all know somebody who’s really thin and they eat like junk? I was going to use a different word, but you get my point, right?

They eat really bad. They eat the food that you would say, well, you should never eat that. And the difference is it’s not really the food, it’s the person’s body’s ability to handle the food. So we look at many things, right? One is we look at the adrenal glands.

These are small glands that sit above the kidneys, and they are known to handle and help with stress. Now, I think we all agree this is a very stressful world we live in between crazy news and life and bills and everything else. And that makes a hormone go up called cortisol. And cortisol stops the body’s ability to lose weight. We also.

Look at the liver. Now, as many patients as I’ve seen, which is over 10,000 patients, I’ve never seen a proper functioning liver. And a person who struggles with weight, it almost is like the quarterback of a whole entire metabolism. So when you start seeing the liver go bad, you almost know that this person is going to start struggling as they get older with weight and other problems. And that’s a really, really important thing to recognize.

And a lot of times even by just getting the liver really functioning well and getting the liver kind of cleanses out, it makes a world of difference on jumpstarting the metabolism, getting the metabolism going and getting the body healing. The next thing we look at is inflammation. So inflammation is kind of like these fires in the body. And whenever there is a fire within the body, what happens is it creates a reaction. That reaction causes bad health, causes the body not to work as well, causes things to not be imbalanced.

And we are riddled with inflammation around us. One is because we live in a very toxic world, right? We live in a world where there’s a lot of toxins and our clothes, our drinking supply is not the same. Drinking supply was 100 years ago, right? We have a lot of chemicals in there, air pollution, we have microwaves, we have cell signals everywhere.

All of these things put a stress on our body. It’s not the same body environment that humans had to live in 200 years ago. It’s a different type of environment. And what that also does, it creates thyroid issues, which puts the thyroid out of balance. It creates hormone imbalances, right?

Men and women, women more prevalent, obviously, but it puts hormone imbalances and then also it creates dysbiosis. The gut starts going kind of crazy. Now, when you add a bad diet to this, it just puts everything more out of balance. But the question is, well, if this is really what could be the main reasons behind it? So it opens up an area for a solution.

It gives you an idea that maybe there’s something that could be done about this that actually allows your body to start healing and actually doing well. So let me clear this away and let me kind of show you what the next step would be. So the solution is really simple. You’re looking to say, well, I want to handle weight, so what do I need to do? So essentially what you need to do is exactly this.

The first thing is get rid of the toxins, right? You can’t go there and try to get your body better, but your body is still sitting there with tons of toxins. Now, of course, you could probably get an air cleaner for the air and you can definitely get better quality water. Those are easy. But now, what about the toxins that are in your body or the ones you’re consuming?

By eating a bad diet. Well, those you want to get rid of. So if you’re sitting there eating foods that could be actually full of chemicals and artificial colors and flavors and things of that nature, not a good start. Okay. But anyway, you want to eliminate those toxins.

Okay. That’s step number one. Step number two is you got to get the liver functioning well. By getting the liver functioning well, you’re going to open up the opportunity to actually get rid of hormones and even balance out your thyroid. Because guess what, your hormones and also your thyroid, they’re directly connected with the function of your liver.

So if your liver is not great, it’s going to create a lot of other problems. With that being said, you also have to make sure that you are handling the inflammation. Inflammation gets that inflammation down, and that gives you ability to actually lose weight. Believe it or not, when your body is majorly inflamed, it’s almost impossible to lose weight. It’s almost impossible to get your metabolism working because your body is so busy trying to handle the inflammation, it really has no time to speed up the metabolism, right?

So it can’t do both things at once, especially if there’s a lot of that inflammation in one area. Also, you want to make sure your body is handling stress cortisol, which is a stress hormone. You need that out of the picture. So if cortisol is being addressed and back to balance, then there’s actually hope, right? It’s actually a really good thing.

And then lastly, Dysbiosis getting the gut handled. So how do you handle the sugar and get rid of the weight and get rid of the low energy? By getting all of this fixed. And when that gets fixed on the bottom, there is actually hope. So let me show you actually the steps that patients in my office take that do really well.

Okay, so here’s the plan of attack. The first thing you want to address the inflammation. And what I recommend is doing the 21 day.

So here is the plan of attack. So you’re here we go. So the first thing you want to do is you want to address the inflammation. So if you address the inflammation, that’s going to start working on getting the body having the ability to actually focus on the metabolism. And patients in my office, they do the medical.

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