What is a WEIRD Reason WHY Diabetics’ sugar is HIGH?

What is a WEIRD Reason WHY Diabetics' sugar is HIGH?

What is a WEIRD Reason sugar is HIGH?

Hi, Dr. Spages here. I have another video for you. It’s a quick video. I want to go over.

One of the biggest things that I see as a challenge. When people are trying to lose weight, they’re trying to regulate their blood sugar and things of that nature. So if you don’t know anything about me, I’ve been reversing diabetes for years with thousands of patients. They walk in full blown diabetic, walk out non diabetic. So I want to talk about a challenge I’ve run into with a particular or patient.

So one of the things that people don’t understand when they look at diet, they’re thinking that they’re eating the right foods, right? They’re thinking, oh, my diet is good. Things of that nature, however, because no one really does labs and they really assess things, most people don’t really know if they’re eating the right foods. So I’ll give you a great example of a patient that I had that really illustrates the point. So this person was a full blown diabetic.

Blood sugar levels high, had difficulty with weight, energy.

Their body wasn’t working the way it should be. So she went to, obviously, doctors. She even went to nutritionist. She used to do a lot of reading and things of that nature. So there was a particular food she was eating every single day, right?

Every single day. And it’s a healthy food. There’s little to no fat in this particular food. Yet every time she ate it, she would see that her blood sugar levels would go up, but it wouldn’t make sense, right? There’s no common sense of it.

It wasn’t like pasta or sugar or something that would just naturally raise the blood sugar levels. So, long story short, we started working together, and when I work with a patient, I do very, very comprehensive labs, right? Like blood work, like most doctors do this much blood work. I do a ton of blood work, spit, test, stool tests, and I really uncover what it was for each individual patient and particularly what it was for this particular patient. Well, let me tell you, actually, what the food she was allergic to.

Now, before I tell you, think of what you think it may be, because I think you’ll be surprised, right? So I know people always, when I ever do this, in front of a large audience of a couple of hundred people, people raise their hand, oh, it’s cereal, it’s corn, it’s bread. It’s none of these things. The thing that she was actually allergic to, which was raising her blood sugar level, causing her weight problems, causing all these issues, was chicken. Yes, chicken, right?

And it didn’t even matter where she got the chicken. She could have gotten it. She bought lower quality chicken. She bought a free range chicken. She bought it at places like Whole Foods.

So it didn’t matter where this chicken was from. The Pope could have blessed this chicken. It did not matter her body has a sensitivity to chicken. So every time she ate chicken and even our doctor recommended nutrition, recommended all the books she read about diabetes and what have you, recommended it, it didn’t matter for her. So the point was, how did I figure this out?

Well, there was a very special test I did with her that actually helped me figure out exactly what the case was with this. Now, the interesting part about her story is that obviously we told her to get off chicken. And guess what happens when she got off chicken? Well, guess what? Her blood sugar levels got better.

She lost weight because I was the first person she ever met that actually really uncovered what was causing the problem. Wasn’t just treating with drug after drug, but really what was causing the problem. So anyway, we got her off with the chicken, everything improved, and then I fixed what was going on through nutrition, through vitamins and certain coaching I was telling her to do. And then guess what? We put her back on chicken, and she was fine.

Okay, so now I know you’re watching this video. I’m not telling you to get off chicken because specifically, I’m not working with you. But my point is, you really have to uncover what foods you could be alerted to that are causing an inflammatory response. And obviously it’s not good with people who are diabetic. So anyway, I hope you got use out of this information in.

I hope this really helps you. If you’re interested in finding out more about what I do, you should see a link to a webinar. If you want to work with me one on one, there should also be a link. All right, have a great day. Don’t stop all your chicken.

Okay, you really have to get tested before you make a decision on what changes you need to make, but you just need to know, all right? So that’s the point of it. All right? Anyway, have a great day and thanks for watching.

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