1. Diabetes means "sweet urine and people use to taste the urine to see if it was sweet in order to diagnose the condition.
2. Healthy fasting blood sugar is:
3. There are how many types of diabetes?
4. Do you find yourself easily giving in to unhealthy food?
5. Type II is the most common type of diabetes?
6. Type III Neurodegenerative diabetes effects the brain and could lead to demetia?
7. Neuropathy is common in____% of diabetics?
8. If you lose weight you won't be a diabetic?
9. All diabetics should exercise?
10. High blood sugar is
11. The reason why diabetics don't get better is because
12. When could a type II diabetic eat carbs?
13. What is the best diet for a diabetic?
14. What is pre-diabetes?
15. Diabetic medications

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