Low Thyroid And You

Low Thyroid And You

Low thyroid affects millions of people around the world, and it’s a condition that can have a potentially devastating effect on your body and your mental health. This is because it can affect you in many different ways including:

  • Making you more susceptible to depression
  • Making your more sensitive to the cold
  • Making you more sensitive to heat
  • Making your joints ache and become painful
  • Making you fatigued or extremely tired
  • Making your hair thin out so you become a lot more susceptible to hair loss
  • Having an impact on your periods
  • Making you irritable
  • Making you a lot less coordinated
  • And many other symptoms

Because of the huge impact of this condition, many people feel quite ill. The symptoms start to get a lot worse once the condition moves out of the early stages and into the middle and later stages. Eventually, if left untreated, low thyroid can cause heart attacks and strokes due to the increase in cholesterol that naturally builds up as a result of this condition.

I am not trying to worry you unnecessarily; I’m trying to let you know about the symptoms that occur so you fully understand what this condition can do to you. You need to make sure you’re getting all the medical help that you need. You need to get better and start living your life again and even though that goal may seem a long way off, you can and will get there.

It’s often difficult for doctors to diagnose low thyroid as many of the early symptoms of this condition are similar to symptoms that occur when you suffer from flu (influenza). This is the main reason why a lot of people are left to get worse, and it’s something that people have been campaigning to change for years.

If you think you may have low thyroid, it’s vital that you communicate your concerns to your doctor and you tell them about the symptoms you’re experiencing. Once you’re diagnosed and receiving the correct medication and dosage, you may also want to work on the symptoms of depression that you experienced as part of this illness.

Getting the right help that you need may prove difficult simply because this condition is often misdiagnosed and it can take time to get the right medication. You will start to feel better soon, but it may be a while before you’re back to normal. You will get there however, and life will be good once more.

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