Natural remedies for low thyroid levels

Natural remedies for low thyroid

Having low thyroid levels causes a condition that is commonly referred to as hypothyroidism- a state whereby the thyroid gland is not producing enough of the thyroid hormones. This is an organ dysfunctional condition that is caused by a deficiency in ion in the body.

This is the major cause of the condition but it isn’t the only cause as it can also be as a result of high stress levels and also as a result of lack of a thyroid gland. Destruction of the thyroid gland by diseases such as flu has a similar effect on the patient.

The condition is common in America with an estimated population of 60 million thought to exhibit the condition. The unfortunate part about the condition is that about sixty percent of this total population is not even aware of the condition.

This is because of the different stages in which the condition operates and in the early stages the symptoms are not even visible and can be easily ignored. The condition affects mostly the older generations and is known to affect women more than men.

However there is medication to handle the situation. A prescription from the doctor can handle the situation just fine.

However, the condition can be handled naturally instead of having to use prescribed drugs which are known to have side-effects.

Since the main nutrient whose deficiency is the major cause of the condition; then taking iodine rich meals is the first natural means of treating your low thyroid levels. Luckily for the sufferers of the condition, there are plenty of meals that they can take that are known to be rich in iodine and some of them are pretty tasty too.

If you don’t know any, a visit to a nutritionist will serve the purpose and get you informed on what to eat to improve your iodine levels in your body.

The best example of a natural substance known to be the richest source of the iodine mineral is the sea weed. Taking a sea weed salad will therefore do the trick. The sea weed is rich in over 50 minerals that are known to nourish the body and normalize its functionalities.

Among them is the iodine that is responsible for aiding metabolism and the thyroid function. The sea weed is a delicacy in Japan and the Japanese who take it on a daily basis are known to be the longest living among the human population!

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