Low Thyroid And Getting The Help You Need


If you suffer from low thyroid I’m sure you’re struggling to get the help you need. Sometimes it can take far too long for you to receive a correct diagnosis and in the meantime your symptoms are getting worse.

Although it may be obvious to you that you’re suffering from low thyroid, it may not be obvious to your doctor who is trying to explore every avenue.

Your doctor will no doubt ask you about your symptoms, the severity of them and if you’re taking any medication. You doctor will probably also ask you how much exercise you take and if you eat a healthy balanced diet. This is just so he or she can get a grasp on the situation so they can try to find out what is causing your symptoms.

Unfortunately for those of us who suffer from low thyroid or Hyperthyroidism as it’s also known, this condition is often hard to diagnose and many patients have been told they’re suffering from influenza or they’ve picked up some kind of virus.

The medication the patients have been given will not help the symptoms that occur as a result of having low thyroid, which means their condition will get worse over time.

Where Is The Help You Need?

That’s a very good question, and one that can be answered the moment your doctor gets your diagnosis right. Medication is the only way to help people with low thyroid, but there are some support groups online that may be able to give you a few ideas and help you feel a little better.

Feeling isolated because of the lack of help will only fuel the depression that’s one of the symptoms of low thyroid so talking to people about it (Whether it’s online or face to face) will help your mood.

If you’re not satisfied with your doctors’ diagnosis, and I doubt that you will be, you can always seek a second opinion from someone else.

Just be sure that you have the symptoms of low thyroid before you tell any professional what you think it is because this will help you in the long-run.

Getting the help you need may not always be that easy, but it’s good to know these days’ doctors are more patient oriented and willing to see you as an individual and not just a person with symptoms who needs treating. Visit your doctor as soon as you can and make them aware of your symptoms.

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