What is the Best Diet for Diabetics?

What is the best diet for diabetics

What is a Healthy, Balanced Diet for Diabetes

So this is one of my favorite videos because how often have I heard over 20 years helping thousands and thousands of diabetics and people have struggled with weight. Well, what is the diet? Give me the secret diet. As if there is a secret diet. So in this video, I’m actually going to talk about diet and what is the best diet and what is the best diet strategy that I’ve seen for long term success with type two diabetics and people struggling with weight issues, because there’s a lot of diets out there.

So we’re going to dig into that. We’re also going to get into really the common sense approach of actually eating and also some solutions that could actually help you know exactly what to eat. All right, so hang on. We have a lot of information and let’s get started.

So let me share my screen with you. So you have kind of a slide into this. All right, here we go. All right, so what is the best diet? All right, so as I mentioned, there are so many times someone’s out there saying this is the diet, right?

And if you’re on social media or if you’re on, I don’t know, even searching for videos or even at a local bookstore and you’re looking for a diet, you’ll get to a bookshelf, it is Riddled, all different authors, some celebrities, people who have lost weight, and they give you all their input and advice. Okay, so let’s really actually deep dive into this. All right? So the first thing we look at is, well, what is a diet in the first place, right? What exactly does that even mean?

Well, believe it or not, actually a diet is anything you put in your mouth. So play along. If I eat a pen and a staple, right, or a paper clip rather, and I put that in my mouth, that is my diet. So if you eat junk food all day, if you eat cookies, cakes and donuts, you’re on a cookies, cakes, and donuts diet. If you’re eating high fat, you’re on a high fat diet.

So it’s pretty interesting, right? So it’s really anything you put in your body. So let’s look at all of these diets. I went to Wikipedia and I searched out list of diets. Now, on your screen, it may be a little smaller, but watch this, right?

So there are belief based diets, right? So there’s a Buddhist diet, hindu, you have Islamic kosher diet. So these are types of diets. You have low calorie diets. The five two diet, intermittent fasting, which is kind of a popular thing.

Now. It was a popular thing back in the day, but now it’s come back, right? It kind of like clothes, right? Like clothes go out of style and then it comes back in style. All right, you have the body for life, right?

With Bill Phillips, that was a real popular one. He had a big business back then. Cookie Diet. Everybody pilots out, right? Hackers diet nutrient system weight Watchers.

Right? If people are familiar with that one, you have low calorie, right? So you have the tongue patch diet. That sounds pretty interesting. Then we have the low carb diets, right?

Some of these have a little more fat film as well, right? The Atkins diet, which became very popular back in the day, which was kind of interesting, because he actually did this diet so you would have a good heart and cardiovascular system, and the guy died like a heart attack, right. Kind of weird. Anyway, so, yeah, Atkins, you have the South Beach diet that was very popular, right. Everybody wanted to look like you’re in South Beach, right?

And if you’re in Florida, you know what that means. Your crash diets. I remember the biggest one here. Well, one and two was probably your cabbage soup diet and also your grapefruit diet. Now, it is a funny story.

So one time I was in the Tampa airport, and Jarrett, the guy from Subway, who’s no longer the rep, was actually in front of me. He was literally the person in front of me. And I felt so bad for the guy because we were going through our security, and there’s that you go through all the lines. He was literally in front of me, and everybody was, like, looking. I’m like, oh, is that Jared?

Is that Jarrett? It was Jarrett. And Jarrett was right in front of me. Like, the guy in front of me. And I remember he was thin, but very not healthy looking.

Right? It was very flabby. It was very unstructured. He didn’t look well. Now, did he lose the weight?

Yeah, but he didn’t actually look, like, very healthy. Right. But I didn’t talk to him. But actually, I’m lying. I did, actually, at the end of security.

This is so funny, right? Don’t judge me, please. So at the end of security, he was, like, trying to grab his bag, and his bag was over my bag or whatever there was in the airport. There was a different chain. I think it was Panera maybe or something.

So I said to him, was like, Listen, I was like, if I see you at Panera, I’m going to call corporate, and you’ll be in big trouble. He just started laughing, right? Because I think, you know, like, if you’re the rep for Subway, you have to eat Subway food, right? It’s, like, kind of the rule there. So, anyway, long story short, so, yeah, that was a Subway diet.

Then we had juice fasting the master cleanse this was a big thing when I was in grad school. Everybody was into the Master Cleanse, which was really, obviously a big problem. And then juice fasting. Right? Juicing came out probably about in the 90s, where everybody bought a juicer, and a guy named Carish was like a big promoter to this, all right?

And then we have these other diets, elimination diet, diabetic diet, which is based on the American Diabetic Association, which is kind of a joke. Anyway, you have the gluten free diet, keto diet. That’s a big one. As a matter of fact, a really good friend of mine is probably the biggest guru in that area there and so forth. So anyway, that’s another diet.

There’s a liquid diet, the Foamap diet. That’s a big one as well. So then you have food specific diets. You have the Alkaline diet, baby food diet, carnivore diet. That’s another one.

What’s another one? Macrobiotic. That’s a pretty popular one as well. I never heard of the Morning Banana diet. That’s pretty interesting, I guess you eat a banana every morning, right?

That’s pretty self explained. You have the Superfood diet, a whole thirty S, now more popular diet. Okay, so what else do we have here? We have Protein powder. We have Sugar Buster.

That was a big book that came out, The Zone Diet. So actually I met the gentleman who wrote this book and he was into like a Costa noise. And that was the thing he kind of was emphasizing. And ironically, when I was in grad school, I was just studying it and there were some big discrepancies from what I learned in grad school to the way he was trying to present this particular diet. But I met him in Atlanta and he was doing a convention there, so I happened to attend and yeah, I didn’t agree with everything he said.

Anyway. So you have the four hour body, right? That was by Tim Ferriss, who wrote The Four Hour Work Week. That was another diet that he put together and so forth. So obviously I can continue to go down.

I think we see the idea, right? Wheatgrass diet was also a big thing. Some religions go into doing something like that. I like this. The werewolf diet.

That’s pretty cool. Anyway, as you can see, there are many different diets. And then you have the vegetarian diet. There’s ones like if you eat, like raw food, if you eat bee honey or not and so forth. But I would recommend certainly go and do your due diligence.

But this is pretty exhausting, right? Like even me just going over this page, like all the different varieties of diet is a little overwhelming. And I guess a way you could do it is you go and you buy every one of these books and or courses and you try every single diet, right? And you do it for a few months, very religiously, and you see the result of that diet, which in my opinion is brain damage. I think that is absolutely crazy.

I would never consider doing that when you look at all these different diets. Okay, so what is a diet? A diet is anything you put in your body. Really important to understand that. So let’s look at this, which is the best.

And the way I summarized this was really simple because I’ve seen so many people come to me and they’ve tried so many different diets. They tried this one and that one and this one and that one, and they wind up failing. And nobody wants to fail on a diet. No one wants to fail in their health. They want long term success.

They want long term accomplishments of their body. They want to feel good, look good, potentially less than medication, but they’re kind of not certain of what to do. All right, so let me give you my viewpoint on helping people functionally for so many years and with such a high success rate. The diet is your foundation, okay? And let me let me really emphasize this.

The diet and the food you eat is the foundation. It is not necessarily going to cure something, but there’s really no hope if your diet is off. It’s like building a house. You need a good foundation. You can build a really good house off of a good foundation.

But if your foundation is off, it’s really hard to get better. It’s really hard to accomplish really anything. Okay? So I want to make sure that even though diet is important, like a foundation is important, it’s not the only thing, right? There could be also overstressed organs in the body.

There could be other things because of lifestyle and because of eating bad for a long time, that could be out of place. So just because your diet starts getting good doesn’t mean all these other things that you’ve done for so long and all the bad habits you had is now fixed. I’ll give you an example. If you see someone who’s an alcoholic, they may create permanent damage to their liver or someone who really broke their metabolism or had major hormone shifts and locked out of place. You still got to fix those things, right?

You still got to make sure those things go back and balance. And a diet doesn’t do that typically. Sometimes patients meet with me that are diabetic and they’re getting worse, and they’re taking all these medications, blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, diabetes medications. And they’re like, Give me the diet. And I’m like, if you’re beyond that, I’m not going to recommend celery flowing in from Australia.

And that’s going to be the fix. All right? You have to get everything else in balance. All right? So let me get back to the point.

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    So their is no diet because you don’t know what is causing the diabetes or high cholesterol or high blood pressure! Must fix what’s broken in order to fix your body!!

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