Healthy Fall / Winter Eating Tips for Diabetics


Healthy Fall / Winter Eating Tips for Diabetics

This is like one of my favorite times of the year. Let me explain why. So you know, when it starts getting colder out, obviously our taste buds change, things change, and things of that nature. So I always love this time of the year because I get a little extra rate of and we all know about with diets, right?

Like, if you stay on the same diet for too long, it gets really, really boring. So I want to say some things that I do to make things go really easy, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it. So first off, obviously I do nut butters, things of that nature. So what I do is I take something I like sun butter, particularly. It’s a sunflower butter, but there’s almond butter and other options like that.

So what I do is I go and I actually take the sun butter, and I add a bunch of spice to it. So I’ll add things like cinnamon to it, and it makes it taste really good. So I’ll add one scoop, more like three scoops, right? But I’ll add a lot of scoops to it, and it actually makes it taste a lot better. So I want to give you some really good ideas and something also that you could start inspiring yourself to do during the cold months that makes food fun and it’s not boring.

It’s like, oh, gosh, I got to eat chicken again, or something like that. Okay, so let me share this with you. I’m going to share my screen. All right, here we go. Okay, good.

So here is my screen. Here, I want to show you this, right? So this is something I recently did. I added pumpkin spice to actually my son butter. It tastes so good, it’s ridiculous.

So what this is is basically a few different spices. And I go there, and I scoop it in, and I literally take my sunbutter with my fork, and I scoop it up between patients. That is a little secret. So if I look well fed, it’s because this is how I snack. It’s real simple and take the work out of it.

I’ll include these links below, but I just want to show you kind of what this is. This is a spice aisle. Walmart sells it. Grocery stores sell it. And it’s really good.

But it’s basically four ingredients. Check this out. Sorry, five ingredients. It’s cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cloves. So if you have those already in your kitchen, I would mix it up.

Maybe just go online and Google how to make pumpkin spice and take it, make a little mixture of it, and then throw it into your almond butter or your sunflower butter or your cashew butter or whatever. And I’ll tell you, it really makes a difference. It tastes so good. I have a hard time eating just one scoop, right? I’m like eating a bit much, right?

So this is one idea. The other one that’s really good is apple spice. Now this is literally three ingredients. It’s cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. What it is, same idea.

So you go there, you dump it into the like I said, your almond butter or something. You just stir it and then just scoop it out or put it on celery or some other thing, right? So anyway, definitely use this. The other thing is if you’re watching this and you’re a patient in my office, in the book, and the training I give you diet wise, in the back of that book is a really, really good recipe list, right? And I want to go into what that looks like.

Now, if you’re not a patient, then obviously you can get this and buy this from my website. It’s a couple of bucks, but these are really good recipes that I see are diabetic friendly. So you have things like chicken stock, chicken spice, nuts are really, really good. Sweet potato casserole, diabeticfriendly, pumpkin pie, there’s a crust there that’s really good and so forth. So in this book, now, I don’t recommend buying the book if you’re a patient, you already have these, but these are really good recipes to use.

And what I used to do before I did telehealth in my office is I would go in and actually put like a workshop together where I would make a couple of these dishes, pumpkin pie, some turkey, things like that. And patients would come in and we would all have a little taste test so people would try different foods. And it was weird because everybody like we had a signup sheet, it literally filled up overnight and they’re like, oh my God, the workshop for eating foods is happening again, right? So anyway, me and my team, we would cook the food. So anyway, these are really good recipes, very simple to follow.

You can buy them in a local grocery store and so forth. So anyway, use these as a really good guide. The turkey recipe in here and even the sweet potato casserole is really good. So anyway, if you have the book, you’re patient my office, download that, use it, but if not, then just pick it up on my website which you should see a link below. All right?

So I’m going to put the links to the pumpkin spices. I’m also going to give you a link to this, but have fun with it, do not let this get boring. Have fun, make your diet fun and then obviously get yourself better. All right? So anyway, if you have any questions, reach us in the contact area.

And if not, have a great winter and enjoy the food. Alright? Take care.

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