When Should You Seek a Diabetes Specialist?

Diabetic Specialist

Most people with diabetes have also experienced the help of primary care doctors or nurse practitioner who are there to help them manage and reverse diabetes.

An example is a person with type 2 diabetes that not that complicated may not need seeing a specialist anymore since the condition can be easily managed by a primary care doctor.

However, other people may still choose to seek a diabetes specialist like Dr. Spages DC. If you are uncertain about seeing a care team or a diabetes specialist, here are 8 reasons that can help you make the best decision why you need the help of a diabetes care team or an endocrinologist to help you reverse diabetes:

Your doctor advised you to have an evaluation with a specialist.

After you are diagnosed with diabetes, you may be recommended by your doctor to see a diabetes specialist like Dr. Spages DC to confirm your diagnosis and ensure that you will know your options to manage the condition.

Your primary care doctor has not treated as many diabetes patients yet. If your current primary care physician has not yet treated many diabetes patients or if you are a bit unsure of their treatment, you can choose the specialized services of Dr. Spages DC.

If you are having some difficulties or complications in managing your disease. If you are experiencing this, you should really seek the help of a diabetes specialist. Due to complications, diabetes can actually affect the eyes, nerves, and kidney. It can also lead to deformity and sores on your feet.

If you cannot find the right informative material that can help you. To reverse diabetes, treatments start in helping you learn how to manage it. If you cannot get the right information or guide for you to manage your condition, Dr. Spages DC can help you with that and provide you diabetes education.

You have problems in communicating with your doctor. If you notice that your doctor seems to be not listening or not very attentive about your symptoms, you may choose to see another specialist who is more than willing to focus on your condition.

There are other treatment options

When conventional treatments do not work. If your primary care physician is doing the best that they can but the conventional treatments do not always work, at least not for everyone, you are free to consult diabetes care teams and endocrinologists who use advanced treatments that can help you better.

You want to be aware of the latest treatment options or research about your condition. Specialty centers, endocrinologists, and diabetes specialists such as Dr. Spages DC are the best places where you can be aware of all the things you need to know especially the latest ones.

You need a care team that includes nutritionists, diabetes nurse educators, or other specialists. It is not enough to just be diagnosed and learn about your disease for you to manage and reverse it. Dr. Spages DC suggest that you see specialists for you to be more connected with a diabetes care team.



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  1. Stephen Merola says:

    some genuinely interesting info about diabetes and weight loss, well written and easy to understand. Dr Spages does a good job on giving detailed explaination for someone who doesnt really understand diet, exercise and weight loss.

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