What is Biotoxin-Diabetes Connection?

What is Biotoxin-Diabetes Connection

Might Toxic Chemicals Cause Diabetes?

Okay, dr. Spages here again, and I want to go over something that most diabetics are not aware of in relation to the cause of their diabetes. And diabetes tends to be a very frustrating disease and complicated, especially when you’re not really giving the true answer to what could actually be calling it. So what I want to do is I want to take you kind of behind the scenes look to share what most health care providers aren’t really looking at, and it offers clues of what could be causing blood sugar levels to go up. And what it’s called is called biotoxin.

And there’s a biotoxin diabetes connection that many people aren’t talking about that plays a really important role. As a matter of fact, it’s a part of the emerging healthcare industry for people who really understand about this biotoxin illness. Now, what the heck is this all about? Well, it’s really hard to check, so you probably have never heard about it or your doctor maybe not familiar with it, because they obviously need very special training. And what a biotoxin is is basically it’s a toxin produced by a living organism, and there are special tests to look at to figure this out and also a very special way to actually go out and treat it.

But what does this have to do with diabetes? Well, believe it or not, these things could actually raise blood sugar levels. And these little buggers, if you don’t fix them, they just wreck havoc, and it could be a big cause of what’s actually making you sick in the first place. So when I meet with you on your consultation, we’ll obviously have this conversation potentially, if this could be a factor of what could be causing your diabetes. All right, so, anyway, I look forward to meeting with you and have a good rest of your day.

And remember, your body is born to heal. All right, take care.


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