What happens on the first day you were told you were a Type II Diabetic

What happens on the first day you were told you were a Type II Diabetic

The TRUE diabetic story is told by Dr Spages

What was it like on your first day being diagnosed as a diabetic?

Likely you didn’t even know you were a diabetic.


Because in most cases diabetes has NO symptoms!

Its called a silent killer for a reason.

The way the story usually plays out on the first day diabetics are diagnosed is to do the following:

Take a medication for the rest of your life

Lose weight


Watch what you eat

Does that sound familiar?

Most people are in shock they are diabetic in the first place but not fully sure why they are diabetic.

After making the necessary changes with their diet, after starting an exercise program they still stuggle keeping their glucose levers under control and seeing big improvements in there diabetes diagnosis.

Eventually they don’t get the results of their hard work.

Their A1C increases!!!

And keeps going up and then…

The doctor mentions they need ANOTHER Medication!

Maybe double up on their metformin or januvia etc…

This is showing you that the treatment, drug treatment, isn’t working because you need more medications to control your numbers.

There has to be a better way to reverse diabetes and see an improvement over time.

Dr Spages explains a better approach to diabetes and what you can do if you or a loved one has been diagnosed.


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