Thyroid diets


A dietary approach is the most recommended among all the natural means of curing your thyroid condition. Watching your diet keenly can see you through the recovery process.

A low level of thyroid in your body is caused by the thyroid gland not producing enough of the thyroid hormones that are responsible for proper metabolism of the body and hence normal functioning of the body functions. A low level of the thyroid hormones causes abnormal functioning of the body since the body does not do a proper assimilation of the food because the metabolism is affected.

Keeping a diet is critical to have your low levels of thyroid boosted and the metabolic processes functioning properly again. Unless you are a dietician, it is important to have a practicing dietician determine the meals you can safely have and which ones to avoid.

There are meals to avoid as they aggravate the thyroid problem and may worsen the situation. Each meal has a certain amount of calories and a dietician can help you determine the amount   of calories contained in each meal and the amount of each meal that you can take.

Low levels of thyroid causes the sufferer to gain weight. A diet will help you keep your weight in check apart from the hormonal balance it offers the body enabling the metabolic processes to continue effectively.

There is a particular way of measuring the calories that can help you maintain your optimal weight. Measure your weight in kilograms. If in pounds, divide the weight by 2.2 to find your weight in kilograms. Multiply the number of kilograms by 30 (the number 30 being the number of calories needed per pound of body weight). The result of this multiplication is the estimated number of calories you need to maintain your current weight.

Once you have determined the number of calories you need for your current body weight, then it’s paramount that you get a dietician who will inform you of the right quantities of each meal to take to get the required total calories required to maintain your weight category.

That is not all. This weight maintenance is for healthy individuals without the weight problem.

For the sufferers of the hypothyroidism condition, the condition requires a reduction in the total calories required to maintain the weight category. Subtract 200 from the total calorie requirement and obtain the calorie requirements for the hypothyroidism patient.

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