The Natural remedies for low thyroid levels

Natural remedies for low thyroid

Low thyroid levels are caused by a dysfunctional thyroid system. The dysfunction may result from some drug prescriptions such as interferon alpha. High stress levels are also known to contribute to the low thyroid levels-a condition that is also referred to as hypothyroidism. Both environmental stress and the homeostatic stress are known to have a similar effect on the thyroid function.

Homeostatic stress for example interferes with the blood sugar levels causing them to fluctuate. This is an indirect effect on the thyroid function. There can also be a direct effect on the thyroid function whereby there occurs a disruption of the HPA axis that is responsible for the normal regulation of the thyroid function.

The most common treatment for the hypothyroidism condition is hormonal treatment in form of pills. The prescriptions are known to have side-effects. There have been established natural means of curing the condition as the cause is deficiency of the iodine mineral in the body that causes hormonal balance and proper functioning of the thyroid function.

A low level of the thyroid hormones can be identified by identification of the following symptoms; a dry skin, hair loss, a weight gain and slow speech. When you identify these symptoms, there is a likelihood of you having a hypothyroidism condition and you can pay your physician a visit to prescribe you drugs to treat your condition. The hormonal pills prescribed are either synthetic or animal-derived.

The natural remedy for low thyroid levels are the taking of iodine rich minerals. These are present in meals such as sea weed foods rich in proteins and fatty acids.

Adapting a healthy diet is the idea behind all this. This food rich in proteins and the fatty acids helps the body to control the thyroid levels and also to control weight.  Your daily diet should include proteins as part of it.

Foods that are rich in fatty acids include almonds, lean meat, egg whites, milk and walnuts. They help maintain the optimal hormonal balance.

Other natural foods that you can take to help hormonal balance within the body include the oranges, cantaloupes, bananas and figs.

These meals are rich in vitamins and fibers. The vitamins present in those foods include vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Include these meals as part of your daily diet. While taking these natural meals though, there are meals that you need to avoid such as: meals with excessive sugar and meals with excessive iron such as cauliflower.

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