Success Stories: The Real People Who Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

reversed type 2 Diabetes
reversed type 2 Diabetes
reversed type 2 Diabetes

Do you know the people who reversed Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s characterized by high blood sugar levels, which can lead to various health complications if left unmanaged. While medication and lifestyle changes are often recommended for managing diabetes, there is a growing movement of individuals who have successfully reversed their Type 2 diabetes through alternative approaches.

In this article, we will explore the inspiring stories of real people who have achieved remarkable success in reversing their Type 2 diabetes, thanks to the guidance and support of Dr. Johnathon Spages’ program.

Rowan Mullings

Rowan Mullings’ journey with Type 2 diabetes had left him feeling helpless and defeated. He had tried numerous remedies from various doctors, but nothing seemed to work as promised. However, his life took a positive turn when he discovered Dr. Johnathon’s program.

Rowan was immediately struck by Dr. Johnathon’s empathy, concern, and genuine care for his patients. He recognized that this program was different. Despite his initial skepticism, Rowan decided to give it a try, and within just two months, he began to witness incredible improvements in his health.

Before starting the program, Rowan’s blood sugar levels were off the charts, and his energy levels were practically non-existent. His work as a realtor suffered, and he considered giving up. But today, his health has transformed. His blood sugar is now within a manageable range, and he boasts an abundance of energy that allows him to excel in his profession. Rowan’s story stands as a testament to the life-changing impact of Dr. Johnathon’s program, and he enthusiastically recommends it to anyone in need.

“I am so greatful so thankful. belive in this program and I would not hesitate to recommend this fine gentlemen to anyone anywhere anytime it is well worth it.”

Kim B 

Kim B embarked on her journey to reverse Type 2 diabetes by following Dr. Johnathon’s protocols. In just eight weeks, Kim experienced remarkable changes in her life. She shed over 20 pounds and lost approximately 20 inches from her body.

What impressed Kim the most was the increase in her energy and mobility. She shared an anecdote about locking herself out of her house, which previously would have been a frustrating experience. However, with newfound energy, she walked to her neighbor’s house without hesitation, even in the Florida heat.

Kim’s newfound vitality allowed her to spend quality time with her grandchildren, something she couldn’t do before. She reveled in the joy of running around, playing, and dancing with them. At 56, Kim acknowledges that getting off the floor remains a slight challenge, but she knows that her improved health will continue to make such tasks easier.

Kim expresses her profound gratitude to Dr. Johnathon Spages for setting her on the path to better health and helping her address the root causes of her chronic illness. In just eight weeks, Kim has reduced her diabetes medication, experiencing a positive transformation in her life.

“Thank you Dr. Spages for setting my feet in the right direction and getting to the root of what has kept me sick for over 40 years! I am beyond grateful!”

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis had been battling Type 2 diabetes for over 20 years. At 66, she had tried various diets and treatments with no significant results. Lisa’s situation seemed bleak until she discovered Dr. Johnathon Spages and his program.

Initially skeptical and afraid to put her trust in what seemed like a radical approach, Lisa decided to take a chance. She joined the program in March of 2022, and within just a few months, her life began to change dramatically.

Lisa’s A1C levels, which had previously been dangerously high, dropped significantly. She also saw a significant reduction in her medication doses. Her energy levels improved, and the constant nausea she had experienced for years became a thing of the past. Lisa emphasizes that the journey was not easy, but it was undeniably worth it.

Lisa’s story serves as a beacon of hope for those struggling with Type 2 diabetes. She is proof that even after two decades of battling this condition, positive change is possible through the right program and commitment to one’s health.

“I have energy and know that it’s going to get even better! I’m not near done but have hope that I’l continue to heal. Thanks to Dr. Spages and his wonderful staff.”

Mireille Thompsom

Mireille Thompsom’s journey towards reversing her Type 2 diabetes began approximately 5 to 6 months ago. When she first spoke with Dr. Spages, she was in a state of misery. Sleepless nights and a weight of 205 pounds had taken a toll on her well-being. Her diabetes was wildly fluctuating, with blood sugar levels sometimes exceeding 200, and her health felt like it was hanging in the balance.

However, Dr. Spages’ knowledge and expertise brought a glimmer of hope into Mireille’s life. As she started the program, she began to feel better with each passing day. The benefits of the program became increasingly evident. Her A1C dropped to a more manageable 6.1, and she started sleeping better. Mireille also lost an impressive 15 pounds, a transformation she couldn’t believe at first.

Today, Mireille is on the move, enjoying improved health and a reduced need for medication. She only needs to take her meds twice a day instead of three times. Her happiness and satisfaction with her progress are evident in her recommendation of Dr. Spages’ successful program to friends and others. Mireille emphasizes that the program, combined with the attentive staff, is a winning combination, and she encourages everyone to register without hesitation, assuring them they won’t regret it.

“I’m so HAPPY. | won’t hesitate to recommend my friends and others to joined this successful program with Dr.Spages, and by the way the staff is on point. Hurry and register, you won’t regret it.”

Howard Levine

Howard Levine’s journey with Dr. Johnathon Spages began about six months ago when he was grappling with uncontrolled diabetes. His A1C was a concerning 8.6, and his blood sugar levels were consistently high. Determined to regain control of his health, Howard diligently followed Dr. Spages’ recommended dietary guidelines and took the prescribed supplements.

The results of Howard’s commitment were striking. His energy levels noticeably increased, and he felt much stronger. A recent blood test revealed that his A1C had dropped to 6.1, signifying a significant improvement in his diabetes management. Additionally, his cholesterol and triglyceride levels had also decreased, contributing to his overall well-being.

While Howard experienced success in managing his diabetes and improving his energy levels, he did face challenges when it came to weight loss. Maintaining weight loss proved to be difficult. Despite this challenge, Howard found the GetHealthy program, especially its chat function, to be instrumental in seeking guidance and answers promptly.

“1 started to consult with Dr. Spages about 6 months ago. I have followed their suggested diets and taken all supplements recommended. My energy levels have noticeably Increased, and feel much stronger.”

Mary Jean 

Mary Jean’s story emphasizes the transformative potential of proper nutrition in managing Type 2 diabetes. She saw a significant improvement in her blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and overall health through Dr. Johnathon Spages’ program.

Before starting the program, Mary Jean’s blood sugar levels were dangerously high, hovering around 400. However, after following the program, her blood sugar dropped to a much healthier 112. Additionally, her cholesterol levels showed improvement, debunking the misconceptions she had been told about managing her condition.

Mary Jean attributes her success to making better food choices and emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and the program. Her testimony serves as a reminder that simple changes in dietary habits can lead to profound improvements in one’s health and well-being.


Terry had been living with Type 2 diabetes for eight years, relying on multiple medications and insulin to manage his condition. His blood sugar levels remained high, posing a significant risk to his health. However, after just three weeks in Dr. Johnathon’s program, Terry’s life took an unexpected turn for the better.

Terry was amazed at the effectiveness of a cream provided to him for his neuropathy, and he felt significantly better overall. Despite his initial skepticism, he found hope in the program and encouraged others to approach it with an open mind.

In just three weeks, Terry shifted from a fatalistic view of diabetes to an optimistic belief that he could conquer it. His story showcases the rapid impact that the right approach can have on managing Type 2 diabetes.


Peter’s testimonial highlights the positive impact of Dr. Johnathon’s program on both diabetes management and weight loss. Peter’s blood sugar levels, which were previously elevated, have now normalized or fallen into the pre-diabetic range. This improvement significantly reduces the risk of complications associated with diabetes.

Moreover, Peter’s overall health has seen significant enhancements, with normal liver function and a reduced risk of another heart attack. He has successfully shed around 45 pounds since starting the program, demonstrating that weight management plays a crucial role in diabetes control.

Peter’s journey emphasizes that a comprehensive approach to diabetes management, which includes both blood sugar control and weight management, can lead to remarkable improvements in one’s health.

Wrap It Up

These inspiring success stories of real people who have reversed Type 2 diabetes through Dr. Johnathon Spages’ program provide hope and motivation to those living with this chronic condition. Their journeys highlight the importance of finding the right program and committing to making positive lifestyle changes.

While the experiences of Rowan, Kim, Lisa, Mireille, Howard, Mary Jean, Terry, and Peter are unique, they all share a common thread of determination, belief in the program, and the transformative power of personalized care. These individuals have taken control of their health and are living proof that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the right guidance, support, and commitment to change. Their stories serve as beacons of hope for the millions of individuals worldwide who are on a similar journey toward a healthier, diabetes-free life.

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