Is There A Cure For Type II Diabetes?

Is There A Cure For Type II Diabetes?

Since I’ve been working with type two diabetics for over 20 years, the one question I get more often than not is, is there a cure for type two diabetes? Can you cure type two diabetes? What is the cure for type two diabetes? So on this video, I’m actually going to answer this question because people say, well, cure my type two diabetes, and is there even a cure out there? So anyway, hop off.

We have a lot to go over. You’re really going to like this video. I think it’s going to answer this question and give you a really good path forward on how to get yourself better, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with type two diabetes and you have blood sugar problems and weight issues. All right, so let’s hop right in.

So the first thing we have to look at is, well, what is diabetes in the first place? So let’s look at this actual slide together. So when we look at your overall health, we look at it kind of like an iceberg. And we see up here this thing called diabetes sitting in this box. Now, let’s talk about, well, blood sugar in general.

Because we don’t understand blood sugar level. It’s kind of hard to understand more about type two diabetes prediabetes and so forth. So when someone is non diabetic, there is a test called the A one C, which is kind of like a marking period grade. It looks at blood sugar over a period of time. And if your number is under 5.7, that is considered to have healthy blood sugar, right?

So your blood sugar is exactly where it should be. It’s healthy. Your body is operating at its best at that level. Now, we look at as your blood sugar starts to go up, now, it goes into what is called prediabetes, right? This is 5.7 to 6.4.

And what that’s telling you is that over time, you’re averaging a higher number than you should be for your blood sugar levels. And that could happen for a variety of reasons. And then once you get over 6.5, that is when the label of type two diabetes shows up. So what we’re looking at here, though, which we really have to identify, is that diabetes is high blood sugar. Now, of course we know that, but the question is, well, why is that important?

Well, it’s important because high blood sugar levels are a symptom. And when you look at it from a point of it being a symptom, even though it’s its own disease, we have to understand that there are things that people do to treat symptoms. All right, so let’s get to the next slide here and you’ll understand more what I mean. So when we start looking at the diabetes going up, there’s got to be something causing it. And the way I approach it is I don’t go from the top of the iceberg, which is this diabetes.

I look down here I do something called functional medicine. It’s what I’ve been doing for a very long time. And in functional medicine, not that I don’t care that some of the diabetic, it’s telling us that the blood sugar levels are high. What’s more important to me to really make a lasting effect to somebody I work with is, well, what is causing it? So when we look on the bottom of the iceberg, that is essentially the things related to it, right?

So some things you see in there, like inflammation right there’s liver function. I’ve never seen a proper functioning liver in a type two diabetic, ever. When you look at the labs and you look at it thoroughly, out of thousands of people, I felt maybe less than a handful of actually had a good liver. But anyway, all of these things contribute to why the blood sugar levels are high. So when we look at prediabetes, it’s basically the same thing.

It’s just that things are a little smaller when that person is in that prediabetic state. It was just a smaller iceberg. But let’s say they do things that actually are not helping their blood sugar, they’re not getting to the root of it, well, then they become obviously a full blown diabetic. Okay? So once again, we got that iceberg, right?

But you want that iceberg to be really small. Okay? So let’s continue here. We maybe have adrenal issues, inflammation, right? And now let’s say all of a sudden they increase the inflammation of their body by having a bad diet or they get stressed out and their adrenal glands become an issue.

Well, it could affect, obviously, blood sugar. But as a person, like, let’s say in my office, let me erase this. So in my office, one of the things that we see is that people come to me when they are full blown diabetic, right? They’re taking tons of medication, insulin included in some cases, and I start working with them to start to get to the root imbalances. And then you see them start dropping into that prediabetes range where maybe instead of having all those issues we saw earlier, the things that were listed here, now we just see a few things.

And then eventually they gone to that non diabetic range and their doctor, as they see fit, actually helps them lessen and or eliminate medication, which is awesome, right? Because that’s where you want to be. You want to be healthy. All right, so now when we look at healthy blood sugar, the person has no iceberg, right? Their body is actually functioning.

It is super small. Their body is actually healthy. They are nondiabetic. Things are good. So to put it shortly, right, like, the bigger your iceberg is, meaning the more problems your body has, the more illnesses, the more imbalances it has, the worse you are, the more symptoms you have.

But as you get yourself better and the iceberg becomes smaller than the less symptoms you have, right? Pretty common sense, but not commonly practiced per se. So now let’s look at well, is there a cure for type two diabetes? The answer is because it’s a symptom. No, because you can get the symptoms back, right?

So people are like, well, give me the magic cure. Well, there isn’t any because if you have all of these things that are out of balance and you leave them there and then you get rid of them and then you put them back, well, the symptoms will show up again. And that’s essentially the issue. So let me give you a good example of this because some people are like, well, I’m going to reverse my diabetes. I’m going to get off all these meds, and then I’m going to do all the wrong things to make me sick again.

No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth, right? You’re not going to go there and eat a bad diet, destroy your teeth, get all these cavities, fill the cavities, and then eat bad again to get more cavities. It’s because you’re making your body sick, right, or in cavities, obviously, you’re making your body have issues related to teeth decay, right? That’s pretty bad.

So anyway, let’s get into how does someone become a diabetic again? Or how do they have blood sugar problems again? So we go back here and we look at these things such as adding junk food back to the mix, which are known to put the body out of balance, right? Or if someone goes and they start adding some alcohol or drinks that their body can’t handle at an excessive amount. Well, yeah, you’re going to raise your blood sugar levels because you’re putting essentially poisons into your body that your body just couldn’t handle.

So now all of a sudden, you start adding these things, right? And the adrenal glands inflammation, the liver starts becoming an issue with this alcohol you’ve been consuming. You’re hanging out with your friends, you’re partying, you’re doing all these things, and that liver starts getting beat up, well, guess what’s going to happen? It’s going to imbalance hormones. It’s going to cause all these other problems.

So here is the strategy. So here is the real answer to the question, is there a cure for type two diabetes in my office? Like I said, I do not treat diabetes. It is a symptom. I address and look at the root imbalance of what’s causing someone to have issues.

But there is a strategy, and I want to go over it with you because if you follow this strategy, it’s going to make a lot more sense on how to not only get yourself better, but stay better and live a quality of life. So here we go. First, you got to get better. Why am I making this a big issue? Most of the things that are out there, most of the stuff that you see on the Internet is not designed to get you better.

They’re designed to maybe force the blood sugar levels down and make the A one C come down. Even the diets out there, there’s no magical diet, right? You have to eat a healthy diet. That’s your foundation. But work on getting your body better.

So number one, you’ve got to get better. And that doesn’t mean maintain your sickness. That means actually getting better, getting down, doing the work, and improving your quality of health. Once you do that, then you actually maintain it. So then, like in my office, my patients are working, right?

They’re spending months on fixing these things that are off, and then once they get there, it’s easy to maintain. It’s kind of like building a house, right? Once you build the house well, it’s easy to maintain it. You got to wash the windows, you got to mow the lawn, you got to wash the floors, those sort of things. Pretty easy compared to building a house.

Same idea. So when your house starts falling all apart, right, you got to rebuild it and build it and build it, then you maintain it. Most people spend their time on this maintenance step, and they’re maintaining a sickness, and that is not the right strategy, at least in my office. I never see that work. You first have to get better and do this first and then this.

All right? So that is the best strategy if you are a type two diabetic. So I hope this answered the question of is there a cure for type two diabetes? I’m really glad you had a chance to watch this. I’m sure generated new questions or a new way of thinking for you.

But if you need any more information or you need help reversing type two diabetes, check out my website. I have a ton of free things on there. I have courses. I have a lot to actually help people and get better and reverse type two diabetes. So anyway, thank you very much for watching.


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