Is There A Cure For Type II Diabetes?

Is There A Cure For Type II Diabetes

Is There A Cure For Type II Diabetes?

Dr Spages has been working with type 2 diabetes for over two decades and often receives the question of whether there is a cure for this condition. He provides the best diet to lose weight and best solutions for diabetes. 

In the video, he aims to answer this question and provide a path forward for those who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and are struggling with blood sugar and weight issues. He explains with a help of an example and uses the metaphor of an iceberg to illustrate how it fits into overall health. The video also delves into the importance of understanding blood sugar levels to better comprehend type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. 

Understanding the A1C Test and the Stages of Diabetes Progression

Monitoring blood sugar levels is an essential aspect of diabetes management. For individuals who do not have diabetes, a test called A1C is conducted, which determines the blood sugar levels over a specified period. If the A1C value is below 5.7, it signifies that the individual has healthy blood sugar levels, and their body is functioning correctly. However, if the A1C value is between 5.7 to 6.4, it suggests that the individual has prediabetes, meaning their blood sugar levels are consistently higher than the recommended levels. When the A1C value exceeds 6.5, it is a clear indication of type 2 diabetes. It is vital to understand that high blood sugar levels are a symptom of diabetes, and identifying it as such enables us to recognize the importance of treating the symptoms to manage the disease.

The Importance of Identifying Diabetes Symptoms:

One of the most critical aspects of managing diabetes is identifying its symptoms. In individuals without diabetes, a test called A1C is used to monitor blood sugar levels over a period. An A1C value below 5.7 indicates healthy blood sugar levels, while a value between 5.7 to 6.4 is an indication of prediabetes. When the A1C value exceeds 6.5, it is a clear sign of type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar levels are the primary symptom of diabetes, and recognizing them as such is essential to manage the disease effectively. By identifying diabetes symptoms as a symptom of the disease, it enables healthcare providers to focus on treating the symptoms to ensure that individuals with diabetes can manage their condition effectively.

Functional medicine approach to diabetes

As you move to the next slide, you will gain a better understanding of why diabetes rates are on the rise and what causes it. The speaker takes a functional medicine approach and looks beyond the surface level of high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes. Instead, they focus on identifying the root cause of the problem by analysing related factors such as inflammation and liver function. In their experience, the speaker has never seen a well-functioning liver in a person with type 2 diabetes. All these factors contribute to high blood sugar levels. Pre-diabetes is similar, but it’s like a smaller version of the iceberg. If someone does not take steps to address the root cause of their pre-diabetes, they may become full-blown diabetic. The goal is to keep that iceberg as small as possible.

Root Imbalances and Achieving Non-Diabetic Range

If you’re experiencing adrenal issues and inflammation, it can increase your risk of developing diabetes. When people come to my office, they usually have full-blown diabetes and are on multiple medications, including insulin. However, by working with them to address the root imbalances, we see them drop into the pre-diabetic range and eventually reach the non-diabetic range. As the iceberg becomes smaller and their body functions better, they require less medication or even eliminate it entirely. The key is to achieve a healthy body with no iceberg and functioning blood sugar levels. While there is no cure for type 2 diabetes since it’s a symptom, addressing the root causes can help prevent the symptoms from returning.

So now let’s look at, well, is there a cure for Type 2 diabetes? The answer is, because it’s a symptom, no, because you can get the symptoms back. So people are like, Well, give me the magic cure. Well, there isn’t any, because if you have all of these things that are out of balance and you leave them there, and then you get rid of them, and then you put them back, well, the symptoms will show up again.

Maintaining Good Health and Avoiding Diabetes Recurrence

Achieving a non-diabetic state is an excellent accomplishment, and doctors may adjust or eliminate medication as necessary. To maintain good health, it is critical to ensure that the body is functioning correctly with minimal imbalances, and this means having a small iceberg. The bigger the iceberg, the worse the symptoms, and it’s not a cure for type 2 diabetes since symptoms can reappear if imbalances persist. Some individuals may believe that reversing diabetes means going off medication and then indulging in unhealthy habits again. However, it’s critical to maintain healthy habits and avoid factors that cause the body to become unbalanced, such as consuming junk food, excessive alcohol, or other harmful substances.

The Strategy for Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Getting Better and Staying Better

Adding junk food and alcohol back to your diet can cause imbalances in your body, leading to issues such as inflammation, adrenal gland problems, and liver damage. These imbalances can cause hormone imbalances and other problems. While there is no cure for type 2 diabetes, there is a strategy to manage it. The key is to get better by addressing the root imbalance causing the symptoms and following a plan to stay healthy. Many resources available on the internet are not designed to help you get better.

Key Takeaway

The real strategy is to get better by addressing the root imbalance causing the issue, rather than just maintaining sickness. The first step is to work on improving one’s quality of health by fixing the things that are off. This process can take months, but it is essential to achieving long-term health. Once a person gets better, it is easier to maintain their health by continuing to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, similar to how it is easier to maintain a house once it is built. For more information on how to manage type 2 diabetes, consult Dr Spages. 

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