Do You Find It Hard To Get Help For Your Low Thyroid


Do you find it hard to get help for your low thyroid? Are you constantly trying to get your doctor to listen to you? You’ve probably been diagnosed with something completely different even though you know what’s wrong.

The way doctors make a diagnosis is to look the symptoms the patients present. In the early stages of this condition, the symptoms you have are similar to the symptoms someone who’s suffering from influenza has. This is why the condition is frequently misdiagnosed and people are left to suffer for a lot longer than they should.

As your symptoms start to get worse, you may visit your doctor again and explain that you’re symptoms have changed and you’re starting to experience new ones too. This is when your doctor will start to have a look at what’s really going on for you.

You may be required to have some blood taken so it can be tested to see if there are any underlying problems. This is when your low thyroid troubles are likely to show and this is a very good thing.

Once you have reached this stage, you have your foot in the door so to speak. You have now been diagnosed with a condition that’s very hard to diagnose and you’ll now be offered medication that can help to make things a lot better.

This is also where some difficulties arise, not everyone will benefit from taking the same medication as others, or indeed the same dosage. If you’re taking medication that does nothing for you, or it doesn’t help you very much you’re going to need to speak to your doctor again.

He or she may look to increasing your dosage or simply switching you to another type of medication. This whole process can take a few months, by which time you’re probably feeling a little worse.

Once you have the right medication however, this is when things start looking up and you can begin to feel better. This is when you’re on the road to recovery and you can start to live your life once more.

You may have a long struggle ahead of you and there may be a few frustrations. Until you have a blood test which reveals what’s wrong with you, you will not get better. Speak to your doctor as soon as you can and get the diagnosis and treatment you badly need.

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