Biggest Lie Exposed About Diabetes

Biggest Lie Exposed About Diabetes Dr Spages

The Big Lie about Blood Sugar Control

Hi, Dr. Spages here again. I hope you’re having a great day today. So before a consultation, I just want to go over some critical information with you that I’m sure you’ve been told. And I want to go over something that I think is pretty important.

So there’s a very strong possibility that one of your doctors or somebody said to you that the reason why you’re a diabetic is because if you’re paying pancreas and because it’s not working anymore or it’s just not functioning the way it should be. Now, I will tell you, based on helping thousands of cases reverse their diabetes, that yeah, once in a blue moon, I’ll see that. But consistently, no, the pancreas is typically working fine. A way to figure this out is that if you’re taking oral diabetic medications like metformin and other myths like that, the only reason why it works is because your pancreas is still working. Now, eventually, it probably could break your pancreas, but essentially, if you’re taking those oral pills and it does lower your blood sugar levels, the pancreas is still actually probably working.

So anyway, here’s the takeaway. You got to really figure out what is causing the blood sugar levels. And it’s not as easy as just one organ usually being dysfunctional. You have to get down to the root, because if you figure out what’s causing your blood sugar levels to be out of whack, there’s a lot of times a path or a solution available to actually get yourself better. Okay, so I can’t wait to our consultation and to meet with you.

But for the rest of your day, remember, your body is born to heal. All right, I’ll see you on your appointment. Take care. Bye.

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