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The Simple 21 Day Diabetic Diet

Explore the importance of nutrition and learn how eating well can support humans to live longer, healthier lives.

Simple Diabetes Course


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Virginia (Type 2 Diabetic)

"I am so excited to see I'm down 15 lbs and 2 inches on my waist. I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn't."

Jodie (Type 2 Diabetic)

"Since I started with Dr. Spages, I have been able to decrease my medications, sleep better, less headaches and my bloating decreased! I am so excited about my progress!"

Tom (Type 2 Diabetic)

"I'm no longer taking any diabetic meds! This is incredible."

Carmen (Type 2 Diabetic)

"My A1C has dropped to 6.7 from 8.3 when I stared this program. Remarkable improvement in just six weeks. I have dropped 10 ls with very little exercise, just a short walk around the neighborhood!"

Hector (Type 2 Diabetic)

"I am less than a month into care and I'm already taking 2 less medications. One for diabetes and one for blood pressure. Thank you!!"

Lia (Type 2 Diabetic)

"This is the best blood sugar reading I have seen in years!"

Drew (Type 2 Diabetic)

"Since I started a month ago, I've lost 15 lbs, I have a lot more energy, lost 3 inches on my waist and wake up with much more energy. I really feel great!"

Debra (Type 2 Diabetic)

"This is the lowest my blood sugar has ever been!"

Jeff (Type 2 Diabetic)

"This is the thinnest I've been in 21 years!"

Mary (Type 2 Diabetic)

"I haven't seen my sugar this low in over 20 years. Wow!"

Roy (Type 2 Diabetic)

"I cannot believe after a few months no one would ever believe I was a diabetic!"

Jodie (Type 2 Diabetic)

"Since I started with Dr. Spages, I have been able to decrease my medications, sleep better, less headaches and my bloating decreased! I am so excited about my progress!"

Gin Gadson

I am so excited about My Success when first met Dr Spages was very skeptical but after 5 months no longer take medicine for diabetes and my blood pressure is good and lost some weight. My body is healing itself thank you Dr Spages for giving me a new beginning

Kristen Faulkner

Prior to starting with Dr. Spages, diabetes had control over me. In six weeks, my blood sugar numbers have dropped over 150 points. I no longer have the afternoon. slumps and I have seen a steady weight loss. My program has been catered to what my body needs to heal. Dr. Spages and Caroline have been wonderful-so supportive every step of the way!!!!

John Lenges

So glad I saw their ad on face book and signed up for the webinar. Dr Spages and his staff are so friendly and easy to work with. l am very pleased with my results over the last year.

Drew Baker

Dr. Jonathan Spages, hands down is an amazing "fundamental" doctor. He is passionate, empathetic and sincere to the needs of his patients. He goes above and beyond to the root cause of personal health problems and issues you may be dealing with. His staff is exemplary, providing the information, supplements, recipes, questions you may have. They are one text away from answering your personal health questions if you ever need his services, I do highly recommend you call upon him and his staff. You won't be disappointed!

Shernett Lawrence

I have been doing exceptionally well since I started this program. My blood sugar has improved and my weight has also. My energy level has also improved.

Tom Galtens

3 plus years ago when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes figured it was a slow death sentence. Beginning my program with Dr. Spages had hope's but doubts. Today, I can report I am no longer dependent upon metformin and have managed my T2 with diet and supplements.

Dr. Spages is worth his weight in gold! Best healthcare choice have ever made.

This program has helped to mitigate a myriad of other ailments by virtue of dedication and consistency. I am healthier, thinner and happier too!

Marilyn Finkelstein

I feel so blessed to have found Dr Spages. We met in December 2021. I found him through his seminars. His approach to wellness is easy to understand. Following the program is key. I feel like a new person. My diabetes Type two is under control, my energy is up and my mindset is strong. I feel that he has educated me with great knowledge about my body and how to keep myself healthy. I love Caroline's videos and I watch them many times. I recommend to those who really want to put your Health first in life to take advantage and join this program. It is an education that I have received from him that has allowed me to be myself, to be healthy, to be energetic, to look forward to every day and every moment of my life. join us

Jean Riccobene

I am so glad that I took the chance with Dr. Spages. Prior to consulting with him, I felt my health was rapidly declining,I had no energy was unable to loose weight and my A1C was out of control. My blood sugar numbers were all over the place. Since I have been taking his advice and sticking with his program, I am finally able to loose weight, since seeing him I have lost 30 lbs. My last A1C test was at 5.5. Thank you Dr. Spages I am so thankful. I feel like a new person.

Ed Golden

I feel guilty that I have not completed a review before now. Dr.Spages has been outstanding with spending the necessary time to educate me on getting to the bottom of what is causing my diabetes. In 12 days on his progr, I was able to wean my insulin day and night to 75%. I have alot of baseline issues to work through so weaning insulin is huge. If you have type 2 diabetes and are sick of sticking yourself with needles and chasing high glucose levels then you really will never get to what system is causing your problem. I highly recommend you attend one of the webinars Dr.Spages sponsors because it won't be a waste of time, it will change your life.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Was in shock over Lab Results!

“I started out with blood sugar around 400 and higher actually. And now. I am down to like 112 and I am quite amazed looking and my labs now.”

- Mary Jean

"Skeptic” turned believer!

“In three weeks, I have gone from a fatalistic view of where diabetes was going to take me to an optimistic view that I am going to beat it.”

- Terry

Wow! Diabetes getting better

“Since I’ve been on the program, the fasting level has been under 100. I am most happy about the fact that blood sugar level has been stable and never going over 100”

- Tom

Meet Your Instructor

Dr Jonathan Spages it the only functional medicine doctor specialising in reversing chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes, hyperthyroid, stubborn fat, high-cholesterol and much more. He owns a thriving practice in Florida where thousands of patients come to visit him from all over the world. He uncovers, through advanced testing, what is really CAUSING your never-ending health problems by not just treating your symptoms but going down to the root-cause.