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Dr. Spages Diabetes Strategy:
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    1. I have a doctor that works with me daily and helps me fix the root problems of my
    diabetes and health concerns.

    2. I enjoy taking medications and seeing my future lab results.

    3. I am achieving all my health goals in a timely manner

    4. I can take 3 - 4 off of my diet and I will not see much change in my blood sugar, weight or energy and I can hop back on a healthy diet without any hesitation.

    5. I consistently hit my weight and sugar goals on time and on target

    6. I feel at peace in my current health and rarely spend time thinking about the future health concerns.

    7. I take at least one vitamin or supplement that consistently help me stay healthy and function better.

    8. I know exactly how I could improve my health and achieve my goals to lessen my medication and feel better, including the exact diet and supplements I would use to achieve my goals and sustain it.

    9. I can predict, within a few points, how my A1c will be on my next follow up blood test.

    10. My refrigerator is fully stocked with pre-made healthy meals at least 3 days in advance

    11. I turn away at least 90% of junk food, so I only eat healthy food.

    12. I could easily stick to healthy diet for 90 days if I had to.

    13. I am doing my best health with my health providers, and achieving results that I am very proud to share with others

    14. I know exactly the plan to reverse my diabetes and I will acquire it this year.

    15. I have escaped the fad diets and the “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight loss meaning I know that diet alone will not fix a broken metabolism and only a custom plan, accountability, supplements and a proven approach will work.

    16. I have time to make my health my top priority and pursue my health goals and avoid future problems.

    17. I am currently investing in my health outside of what insurance or Medicare pays and invest in taking vitamin/supplements.

    18. I love how my health has progressed in the last 5 years.

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    Diabetes Story Revealed

    Video 2
    Knowing the Diabetic Barriers

    Video 3
    The Analysis Framework

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    Reverse Diabetes Method

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